About US

Chenotoska has specialized from day one in organic and natural resource products.  Beginning in 2012 as a small poultry farm providing healthier, organic, and all natural product to local clientele.  We have evolved, but continue to help our environment and realize the importance of recognizing harmful products and food that surround us.  We offer to you organic, recycled and designer products from countries of the world including the  U.S.A. 

Here at ChenoToska our passion is our motto, forget the trend, create the next one while finding yourself.  Staying ahead of fashion trends and finding the newest designers in the US and internationally is tough, but we take care of that tough task and find established and new designers from all around the globe offering a one stop shop for designer lines in one shop.

Our designer lines are niche products focusing on handmade, artisan artistry and premium genuine leather goods, utilizing green and organic solution, allowing us the rare privilege to offering high quality and unique apparel at the best price for you.  Some products and where they are made are: exotic wood sunglasses from the USA, beachwear Australia, recycled fishnets swimsuits from Germany, Singapore love brands and designers from around the world.  

The success of the American Dream and land of opportunity is dwindling for the blue collar workers in society, but with your purchase you can help contribute to a small business by providing a huge contribution and opportunity today that gives hope for tomorrow that dreams for success can come true,  Corporations see each person as a number, but we see you for who you are and want to help you feel and live the way human nature intends with the most sincerity and respect.  We thank you stopping by to see our website and thank you for your purchase, the impact we make on our world today is what we leave behind for our future generations to grow on tomorrow.